As a preface, some letters about me:

   "My name is Mick Murillo, and I am the one who works in this project".

Now, some lines of letters about TELSUKITA:
   "Telsukita publishing is a little project for publishing comics made by me and other artists. At the moment we have only published fanzines, a bunch of photocopies that made up a magazine or publication absolutely independent and creatively free".

Concise History.

Then in the year 1998 I was studying illustration at the art school when I proposed to a group of classmates to make a fanzine, they liked my idea and in some weeks we developed what was released as FAYIN, a fanzine with the cover made in serigraphy and forty pages of comics and illustration. At the same time, teaming-up with three classmates in the school of comic creation JOSO, we published a fanzine named DIN A5; with twenty pages of comics.
   These fanzines were made cooperatively sharing the workload between all us and we sold all that we printed during the Barcelona Comic Fair that year. During that time Telsukita did not exist yet, it begun when I compiled my drawings and comics in a fanzine named REK-TELSUKITA, and above all, when I released my comic CYBER LOVE, that I started to use the denomination TELSUKITA Faneditions.
Things definitely started to get serious when I launch the fanzine named IM, where I do all the tasks of coordination, desktop publishing and sales. Of the IM we released four issues between 1999 and 2001.
   For the Barcelona Comic Fair of year 2004, with the collaboration of several artists I published a little fanzine named KROKET, as an divertissement and without any pretension.
   Now we have incorporated some new worker to our staff and we are ready to expand our activities with a digital magazine in English named Mangaland where we will publish manga made by artists all around the world. More to come!